About Us


We are an Orange County based online course academy that teach people from all ages and backgrounds. We partnered with pioneers of online teaching including WozU, Dale Carnegie and Forbes to ensure the benefit of all our courses. We support self-aware individuals who know what they want to succeed in and help them get there by providing them with all the tools they need.


Our main focus is to teach coding and help determined people start their new careers. We believe that traditional institutes are not for everybody and we offer an alternative way to succeed and start earning money. We also teach leadership and entrepreneurship courses to ensure long term success with the acquisition of the most essential skills for any career.


Our mission is to help individuals who want to start a new career as software engineers and to help current software engineers push their careers forward by providing them with the most important skills they need.


We aspire to stop the hesitation to enter the software engineering community and make the tools available for anyone who is interested.


We are all about creating a supportive, encouraging and collaborative environment that will make sure you enjoy the journey of learning. We value what it means to work hard, support each other, and have fun while we’re at it.