High Impact Presentation

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Consider some challenges:

Persuade customers to buy a new product

Encourage employees to embrace major change initiatives

Urge competitors to engage in collaborative ventures

Avoid missed opportunities due to ineffective presentations

How do companies succeed at turning such communication challenges into gains for the business?

We empower employees to communicate boldly by helping them learn to connect confidently with any audience.


Give people at all levels the skills to sell their ideas
Improve the company’s image and professionalism
Help employees develop business-winning presentations
Build the confidence of leaders and future leaders
Assist technical professionals with client presentation
Prepare executives for media appearances
Communicators get ideas across with enthusiasm and poise.
Who should attend? Everyone!

Employees at all levels in a corporation who seek to maximize their performance, become stronger leaders and add more value to the organization.

? What you will cover

After this program, you will be able to

Creating a Positive First Impression

  • Identify personal objectives for the training
  • Develop rapport with the audience
  • Project professionalism and competency

Increasing Credibility

  • Communicate with enhanced credibility
  • Communicate competency with confidence
  • Reinforce an informative message with supportive evidence

Presenting Complex Information

  • Develop flexibility in making complex materials simple and understandable
  • Communicate information in an interesting manner
  • Relate to the audience at their level

Communicating with Greater Impact

  • Develop increased flexibility through the use of expressions, gestures and voice modulation
  • Demonstrate ownership of unfamiliar material
  • Present written material in a captivating manner
  • Overcome barriers that restrict your flexibility

Motivating Others to Action

  • Present in a result-oriented way
  • Persuade the audience to take action
  • Be motivational, clear and concise

Responding to Pressure Situations

  • Maintain professional composure under pressure
  • Communicate clear, concise, positive messages
  • Communicate leadership ability to handle stressful situations

Inspiring People to Embrace Change

  • Give positive feedback on the strengths in others
  • Use structure to gain the confidence of the audience
  • Be convincing